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PDFUNA - SoCal Division Newsletter - Fall 2010

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PDFUNA - SoCal Division Newsletter - October 2008

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Publications/Reports - Division

PDF Ardi Rashidi's report from CCD and the National Board meeting, New York, 2009

Desalination: A Change in Proportions  - An Essay by Erik Felker, San Fernando Chapter

Writing and the Expansion of the Human Mind  - An Essay by Erik Felker, San Fernando

UN Shows - Division

Available on DVD (disc) or VHS (tape) for you to use with groups. Half hour educational shows. Good discussion starters.

Here are the titles:

  1. Poverty in America
  2. Indigenous Children in Australia
  3. Child Labor in Brazil
  4. Landmines in Cambodia
  5. AIDS in the Caribbean
  6. Girl's Education in India
  7. Street Children in Mongolia
  8. Breaking the Cycle of Violence in Northern Ireland
  9. Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone
  10. Refugees in Tanzania

Order from Rev. Richard Harris, Pomona Valley UNA Chapter V.P., 620 Plymouth Rd #1, Claremont, CA 91711-4247, 909-621-7337, It costs money to make copies and ship them. You can buy one for only $10. Make checks payable to Pilgrim Place as these are processed in our Pilgrim Place Media Center.

Gifts for the Global Thinker from the Foreign Policy Association

Click on the titles for more information.

The U.S. Role in the Twenty-first Century World: Toward a New Consensus? -- $5.95
    Gone with the cold war and the breakup of the Soviet Union is the driving force behind U.S. foreign policy for four decades. Yet the dangers that the United States faces on an international level--from nuclear proliferation to terrorism and regional conflict--remain and grow more complex.

The Persian Gulf in Transition -- $5.95
    While oil is the primary reason for the U.S. presence, the Persian gulf states also figure in a number of other American foreign policy concerns, including the Arab-Israeli peace process, the growth of political Islam, terrorism, the conventional arms race and the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

The Status of Women in Foreign Policy -- $5.95
    Nancy E. McGlen and Meredith Reid Sarkees draw on their research and interviews with women and men in senior policymaking positions to analyze the causes underlying the lack of female representation in the institutions shaping U.S. foreign policy.

. . . And Justice for All: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 50 -- $10.95
    In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration, the Foreign Policy Association and the Great Books Foundation cooperated on a special Headline Series reviewing the evolution of human rights and their role in U.S. foreign policy-a compilation of relevant excerpted articles and texts, together with pertinent questions.

A Cartoon History of United States Foreign Policy: From 1945 to the Present -- $12.95
    This book features more than 200 cartoons by America's leading cartoonists, past and present.

Great Decisions 2002 Briefing Book -- $15.00
    Each topic in the 112-page GD 2002 Briefing Book places the thematic or geographic issue in historical context and provides background, current policies and alternative policy options. Photographs, maps, charts and editorial cartoons illustrate the text. Will be shipped January 4, 2002.

Be sure to visit the website for more books and ideas for the "global thinkers" on your list. Gift memberships to the Foreign Policy Association are also available.  email:  voice: 212 481 8100


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