Seven reasons why the UN is for you

1. KEEPING PEACE: When conflicts threaten international security, it provides a forum for negotiation; it can also send blue-helmeted multinational peace-keepers to stabilize a crisis.

2. FIGHTING POVERTY: It helps the poor to help themselves, through development projects.

3. PROTECTING ENVIRONMENT: It brings governments together to prevent climate change, air and water pollution, extinction of species, depletion of natural resources and many other problems.

4. HELPING IN EMERGENCIES: It organizes humanitarian relief and food supplies for millions of refugees and victims of famine and natural disasters.

5. STANDING UP FOR HUMAN RIGHTS: It sets international standards for the rights of children, women and minorities, monitors abuses and lets governments know that "the world is watching".

6. IMPROVING HEALTH AND EDUCATION: It helps poorer countries to provide more and better schools and health services, and works to prevent the spread of global diseases like AIDS.

7. BUILDING DEMOCRACY: It helps countries conduct free and fair elections. UN observers have monitored elections in Haiti, South Africa, Nicaragua, Cambodia and other countries.


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